Lietzke Doors Completes the Cavan Youth Training Centre

The new $67.5 million, 60-bed Youth Training Centre (YTC) being built on a new green field’s site at Cavan in South Australia is nearing completion.  The new YTC will deliver a new era for youth justice in South Australia.

The new Cavan YTC incorporates the latest concepts and design in a modern fresh feel.  The new Centre will have a strong focus on learning and training with a range of educational and vocational facilities on site.  It will also have an open-style campus, more recreational space and an on-site health centre.

As well as being secure, the Centre will allow more options and increased flexibility to manage and help young people according to their individual circumstances.

Lietzke Australia has supplied and installed the medium and high security door, barrier and window requirements throughout the Centre.  Lietzke worked closely with the architects, the security consultants and the builder.  The Lietzke bedroom door frame incorporates the access control, all the electrical controls including room lighting, the communication panel and audio visual television controls into the cast in the door frame.  This all-in-one concept has assisted with cost and time savings.

At Lietzke we aim to exceed the customer’s requirements.