Lietzke Acoustic Doors


Lietzke Acoustic Doors are manufactured to provide sound transmission reductions where access/egress is required through walls of acoustic properties. The doors can be manufactured from various materials, each having differing acoustic properties, dependant on the STC rating required. All door constructions share a common finish being 0.55mm thick Colorbond or Galvabond steel and the units must be fitted with the appropriate accompanying acoustic seals to both door and frame. Most locking devices and hardware can be factory fitted to the door.


Any application requiring sound transmission reduction such as transformer sub-stations, plant rooms, school activity rooms and auditoriums


Standard finish is Colorbond but may be finished in factory applied durable polyester powdercoat over Galvabond.


Standard Door Size – 2040mm high × 820, 870 and 920mm wide × 40mm thick

Sub Strata:
Various specialised acoustic materials combined with regular door materials

Three (3) Lietzke Rebate Edge Hinges
Three (3) 100mm × 75mm × 2.5mm for standard door size or Tuff TU3 hinges for some heavier constructions

Most locking devices and hardware can be factory fitted.

Edge Style:
Available in Lietzke Rebate Edge for maximum STC rating or Lietzke Squareline Edge for lower ratings.

Suitable Frames for Door and Frame Package

For Architectural applications use a BW Style frame to suit the required wall thickness.

To Specify

Door shall be a Lietzke Metal Clad Acoustic Door with Colorbond facings over a composite acoustic core incorporating a Lietzke Rebate Edge treatment with PVC seal pre-hung in a BW series 1.4mm Zincanneal Frame with Hardware and Acoustic Seals pre fitted.

* Nominate when specifying