Lietzke Flange Fit Door Frames


Lietzke Doors is a manufacturer of pre-hung door units. The thickness of the door, door type (typically Squareline or Rebate Edge) and the application (open in/out, three or four sided frame, etc) must be taken into consideration when matching door leaves to door frames.

The Lietzke flange fit frames are designed to fit into prepared openings from either the outside or inside. The flange conceals the edges of the wall opening and provides a fast and simple installation. The doors are pre-hung into frames in the factory and the operation and all clearances are checked before installation.

Frame Types:

A four sided frame will enable a door unit to be inverted prior to fitting into the wall opening. This allows the door handing to be decided at the time of installation. The head and sill profiles are identical with the sill providing an effective barrier to dust and moisture penetration. The four sided frame makes for a rigid door unit in transport and handling with minimal, if any adjustment required upon installation.

Three sided frames (no bottom sill) are used where the door is required to open inwards and also have a flange fit installation. The handing of the door must be specified (Left or Right hand hinge).

Split Frames (see drawing) comprise two frames which overlap providing an edge flange and trim to the inside and outside of the opening. The door leaf is pre-hung into one of the frames with the second frame fitting from the opposite side. Fixings through both frames achieve a presentable and secure installation.


To match opening requirement and door leaf size.

Standard 1.4mm ZF100 Zincanneal.

Factory applied durable polyester powdercoat to match door leaf colour
Factory applied zinc prime paint finish.

Joints are notched, welded and ground flush on all corners
Split frame joins are mitred, welded and ground flush.

Edge Style:
Face sheets return around all four sides. Resulting overlap is fixed with countersunk rivets.