Lietzke Security 2 Doors


The Security 2 Door is a high security door for use in situations where strength and impact resistance are necessary. Available in either a Squareline or Rebate Edge Door configuration the door is comprised of a Square Hollow Section (SHS) sub-frame on the perimeter and two inner vertical SHS sections. The frame is filled with a exterior grade marine plywood core and sheeted in pre-painted Colorbond steel sheet complete the construction of this door. The steel SHS sub-frame provides strength and rigidity to the perimeter and internal area of the door. The Security 2 Rebate Edge Door is available in a 40mm and 50mm thickness. All Security 2 Doors are available as single or double doors and most locking devices and hardware can be factory fitted. The Security 2 Door is a formidable barrier to any forced entry.


Any application requiring high levels of security including, pay offices, computer or audio visual rooms, communication centres, front and rear doors to industrial and commercial premises and isolated sites. Ideal for retail stores, petrol stations and premises commonly targeted for break and enter type robberies


Standard finish is pre-painted Colorbond steel. Also available in Zincalume or Galvabond. Factory applied durable polyester powdercoat finish is suitable for Security 2 Squareline Assemblies only.


Standard Door Size – 2040mm high × 820, 870 and 920mm wide × 40mm
Standard Double Door Size – 2040mm high × 1640mm wide × 40mm
Other Sizes up to 3600mm high × 1039mm wide × 50mm available

40mm Thick Door – 38mm × 38mm × 1.6mm
SHS galvanised steel

Core Material:
Exterior grade marine plywood core
Optional Polystyrene core also available

Security 2 Squareline Door supplied with Lietzke Heavy Duty hinges.
Security 2 Rebate Edge Door supplied with pre-fitted heavy duty steel hinges with nylon bushes.

Most locking devices and hardware can be factory fitted to Security 2 Doors

Edge Style:
Available with an anti-jemmy edge for additional security

Door Weight:
40mm Std Squareline Security 2 – 57.25kgs
40mm Std Rebate Edge Security 2 – 58.00kgs

Suitable Frames for Door and Frame Package

Frames can be customised to suit specific applications. For transportable buildings use flange fit and for Architectural applications use a BW Style frame to suit the required wall thickness.

To Specify

Door shall be a Lietzke Security 2 Squareline (or Rebate Edge Door)* comprising a galvanised steel SHS perimeter sub-frame with two vertical bars and an exterior grade marine ply (or solid polystyrene)* core sheeted with pre-painted Colorbond steel. The door shall be pre-hung in a Lietzke BW Metal Door Frame (or Lietzke door frame to suit)* and pre-fitted with the locks and hardware as specified.

* Nominate when specifying.

Technical Drawings: