Lietzke adds Cyclonic Wind rated doors to its line up

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has reengineered its Security 2 Squareline door unit to achieve engineering certification for Cyclonic Wind categories C2 & C3.  These wind categories, the harshest in Australia, are found in Cyclone Regions C & D along the coast of Northern Australia.

Lietzke Cyclonic Wind rated door units have recently been installed in the North of Western Australia, including Port Hedland and Barrow Island, both in the Cyclone Category D region.

Lietzke Cyclonic Wind rated door units are a metal clad door unit, incorporating full SHS steel sub-frame, polystyrene core and are available in the standard Colorbond colour finishes, Zincalume and Galvabond.  The door units are certified up to 950mm wide by 2100mm high and include a range of door frame profiles to suit both portable and permanent building structures.