Lietzke continues to grow with Metal Door Frames and Window Frames

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has continued to win a range of projects for the supply of its range of metal door and window frames.

Expanding on Lietzke’s long history for manufacture of pre-hung metal clad door units for the Commercial and Portable Building market, Lietzke Doors has continued to grow into the supply of its range of single and double rebate metal door frames to the commercial building sector in South Australia.

Projects recently won include the Whyalla & Modbury Hospital Redevelopments, Adelaide Oval Grandstand, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, Regency TAFE and Elizabeth Special School.

Other specialty projects include Stainless Steel frames for a number of new McDonalds stores in Tea Tree Gully, Kadina and Port Adelaide.

Lietzke Heavy Duty Louvre Door range expanded to Prison Level Security

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has developed and installed a range of louvre doors and panels suitable for high security and corrections applications.

The Louvre door units and panels have now been installed into Juvenile Justice Centres in NSW and the Mt Gambier Prison upgrade in South Australia.

The entire units are manufactured from pre-galvanised materials complete with lock boxes and louvre blades ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm thick.  The design has no visible or accessible fixings and receives a Powdercoat finish.

Lietzke wins contract for Adelaide Women’s Prison Upgrade

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has been chosen to supply High Security Doors and Windows for the Northfield Women’s Prison new 20 bed High Security Cell Block, Kitchen and Visits/Dining project.

The new cell block is similar to the recent Mt Gambier prison extension where Shipping Containers are employed to create the basic building blocks for the new Cell Block.

Lietzke Doors is an approved manufacturer of High Security Door Units, Windows and Gates for the South Australian Department for Correctional Services.

Works start on Mt Gambier Prison new Cell Block and Kitchen

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has been chosen to supply High Security Doors and Windows for the Mount Gambier Prison New Cell Block and Kitchen project.

The new cell block is to employ a “modular construction” method, the first prison of its kind in South Australia, where the new wings containing accommodation and ablutions are to be constructed from shipping containers.  The expansion, of which Badge is the Managing Contractor, will allow the prison to house an additional 112 prisoners and includes a new 400m2 kitchen.

Lietzke Doors is an approved manufacturer of High Security Door Units, Windows and Gates for the South Australian Department for Correctional Services.

Lietzke adds Cyclonic Wind rated doors to its line up

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the AM Group, has reengineered its Security 2 Squareline door unit to achieve engineering certification for Cyclonic Wind categories C2 & C3.  These wind categories, the harshest in Australia, are found in Cyclone Regions C & D along the coast of Northern Australia.

Lietzke Cyclonic Wind rated door units have recently been installed in the North of Western Australia, including Port Hedland and Barrow Island, both in the Cyclone Category D region.

Lietzke Cyclonic Wind rated door units are a metal clad door unit, incorporating full SHS steel sub-frame, polystyrene core and are available in the standard Colorbond colour finishes, Zincalume and Galvabond.  The door units are certified up to 950mm wide by 2100mm high and include a range of door frame profiles to suit both portable and permanent building structures.

Lietzke Doors wins Murray Bridge Police Station

In February 2012 Lietzke Doors won the contract for supply of the secure windows, door frames and doors for the new Murray Bridge Police Station in South Australia.

The new Murray Bridge Police Station will accommodate approximately 76 staff and feature a new design, state of the art cells, complete with a new generation door design and should be completed by November 2012.


Works start on Whyalla Hospital’s redevelopment

Lietzke Australia Pty Ltd a division of the AM Group was chosen as the supplier of pressed steel door frames for the $69 million redevelopment of the Whyalla Hospital.  The project’s brief is a first of it’s kind for a regional hospital centre, to be constructed complete with an integrated cancer facility.  The redevelopment includes the refurbishment of theatre and day surgery facilities, the expansion of the mental health and rehabilitation wards and the relocation of the hospital’s existing surgical and medical wards to new premises.

The Lietzke pressed metal steel frames are custom designed and manufactured to suit the specific requirements of the project and the Health Industry.

The Whyalla Hospital Redevelopment is expected to be completed by mid 2013.

Door Frames for “Single LEAP Phase 2” Project

In July 2012 Lietzke Doors successfully completes the supply of door frames for “Single LEAP Phase 2” Project at Edinburgh in South Australia.

The “Single LEAP Phase 2” Project is an Australian Federal Government initiative to upgrade the living accommodation for Australian Defence Force personnel with new accommodation which meets contemporary community standards.  The total project when completed provides for 3,015 units of single member’s accommodation at 14 bases across mainland Australia.

Lietzke Doors worked closely with the builder coordinating up to 3 deliveries a day to the site to supply 964 steel door frames for the 430 member accommodation unit at the Edinburgh site.  The door frames are quite complex with numerous side lights and transom combinations.  The development and production was completed using the latest Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Software ensuring the highest quality and repeatability.  The door frames were supplied complete with Aluminium glazing channel for the side light and fan light, installed from the factory saving the glazier and builder valuable site time.

A bigger and more secure Port Augusta Prison

The new $16 Million addition to the Port Augusta Prison in South Australia, when completed, will house an extra 80 inmates and become the second largest prison in South Australia.  Work started on the site in January 2011 and is nearing the final stages of completion.

Lietzke Doors worked closely with the builder and the client to design and supply the innovative designs and solutions. The door frames and cell viewing windows were precast into the concrete panels reducing time and site costs and improving the overall strength and integrity of the frame and windows.  This cast in concept offers advantages for the builder with a reduction in onsite trades and ease of coordination.

Lietzke Doors worked closely with the Architects and the builder and supplied and installed the post fixed secure external cell windows and glazing for the bedrooms.  The cell external windows incorporate innovative security features as well as ventilation functionality.

Lietzke Doors completed the package and also supplied the secure doors which included the cell doors and medium and high security general doors in the new extension to the facility.

Lietzke Doors Completes the Cavan Youth Training Centre

The new $67.5 million, 60-bed Youth Training Centre (YTC) being built on a new green field’s site at Cavan in South Australia is nearing completion.  The new YTC will deliver a new era for youth justice in South Australia.

The new Cavan YTC incorporates the latest concepts and design in a modern fresh feel.  The new Centre will have a strong focus on learning and training with a range of educational and vocational facilities on site.  It will also have an open-style campus, more recreational space and an on-site health centre.

As well as being secure, the Centre will allow more options and increased flexibility to manage and help young people according to their individual circumstances.

Lietzke Australia has supplied and installed the medium and high security door, barrier and window requirements throughout the Centre.  Lietzke worked closely with the architects, the security consultants and the builder.  The Lietzke bedroom door frame incorporates the access control, all the electrical controls including room lighting, the communication panel and audio visual television controls into the cast in the door frame.  This all-in-one concept has assisted with cost and time savings.

At Lietzke we aim to exceed the customer’s requirements.