Outer Metropolitan Multipurpose Correctional Centre – OMMPCC Sydney

Building works has begun on the repurposing of the Outer Metropolitan Multipurpose Correctional Centre (OMMPCC) with the first sods turned.

The repurposing of the Outer Metropolitan Multipurpose Correctional Centre will create almost 300 jobs during construction and around 100 jobs for the area once completed in 2020.

The repurposing of the OMMPCC includes upgrading the centre for better management of minimum and medium-security male inmates and rebuilding 250 beds.

AM Group company Lietzke Security has been contracted by head contractor Hansen Yuncken to supply and install the security windows and doors package on the project.

Lietzke Security is well underway with manufacture and delivery of product to site.

Prisons Design & Development Summit – Sydney

Lietzke Security is a specialist Australian manufacturer of security windows and doors for corrections, juvenile justice, mental health, police and court projects. Based in Adelaide and Brisbane, with additional capabilities in Sydney and Melbourne, Our  experienced staff utilise 3D CAD design capabilities and state of the art CNC equipment in the manufacture of all products.

Our business philosophy is to work with operators and designers to provide project specific solutions that meet performance, operational, functional, aesthetic, cost, safety and welfare considerations.

New design approaches particularly on physical security elements are being driven with a focus on operational staff health and safety, reforms in relation to prison rehabilitation and health.

However,the way products and systems are specified are often at odds with what is a more cost effective yet fit for purpose solution. Often by the time drawings and specifications are developed and contractors are in place it’s too late to entertain other options. Lietzke Security hope to change that through addressing:

  • Operating in a dynamic and evolving industry: understanding new construction materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Engaging in cooperative design process to significantly improve overall project outcomes for all stakeholders
  • Working with stakeholders early on in the design and development process to ensure efficient and cost effective solutions
  •  Providing project specific solutions that meet both performance and cost considerations to benefit all stake holders
  • Working across all States and Territories: overcoming discrepancies in guidelines and specifications

Lietzke Security recently address Prisons Design & Development Summit  in Sydney, where is addressed the industry in the benefits of dealing with market leader Lietzke Security.



Port Augusta Prision – Adeliade South Australia

The Port Augusta Prison currently accommodates up to 500 low, medium and high security prisoners in three high security cell blocks, two medium security cell blocks plus a number of low security residential units.

Group company Lietzke Security is pleased to be part of the new expansion project of the Prison.

The expansion project involves building new Independent Living Unit accommodation comprising up to 128 prisoners in four, two storey units. The project also incorporates the construction of support and Industries buildings, as well as a reception building to be constructed in a single storey complex adjacent to the main entrance gate.

Lietzke Security has been awarded the secure door and window contract involving the supply of Secure Door Frames and Window Frames to be cast into the buildings precast panels followed by the supply and installation of all High, Meduium and Low Security Doors units, All steel window units, security steel louvre and mesh panels, gates and secure ceiling access panels.